Life story

Sometimes we inadvertently become witnesses to conversations between strangers. Today, I found myself in such a situation and heard something truly interesting. On my way back from Econt, I stopped to grab a hot-dog from a stand, and two young men were sitting on the nearby bench, just starting their conversation, specifically about „Soccer.“ It was a curious coincidence because I had just picked up a book titled „Fundamentals of Sports Training“ from Econt.

I will try to recount the most important things from their conversation. I will replace the two characters with M1 (youth 1) and M2 (youth 2):
– „Bro, I’m thinking of giving up football,“ shared M1.
– „But how long have you been training?“ asked M2.
– „Since I was little, since first grade,“ replied M1.
– Then M2 said: „Listen, bro, listen to me carefully: you won’t stop, you won’t give up. Don’t make that mistake. Sports build you, give you a lot. You won’t stop. You will go to training regularly. You won’t miss training, and you will listen to what the coach tells you.“
– M2: „I also played football. Four years, but I stopped. That was a mistake,“ he continued. and then asked him: – „What position do you play?“
– „I play midfield,“ was M1‘s response.
– „Yes, that’s the best position,“ confirmed M2.
– „I don’t know, bro. I have a feeling that I’m not progressing enough. Our coach is one of the best in Sofia. He’s really good. He pushes us with training on Monday and Wednesday. The other days are calmer,“ shared M1.
– „I’ve played in all positions, you know? I played striker, midfielder, winger, back, defender. In all of them,“ shared M2.


It was interesting to listen to a conversation on this topic as a former athlete with over 25 years of experience, to listen to how they genuinely and honestly spoke to each other, sharing important thoughts that come and go, sometimes lingering in our minds and not wanting to let go.
I decided to be a passive listener, without bothering them with questions or interventions on my part. Hearing such a conversation live is one thing, but reading it later is quite another.


Happy Teachers’ Day! (It doesn’t matter that it’s 02.11 and not 01.11, and that I’m posting something on the topic now. Every day is important when you are a teacher, coach, mentor, friend, manager, etc.)
Teach the younger and less experienced and capable than you not to stop, not to give up, to try again when they think there is no point in more attempts.
Peace and love! Stay healthy!

– Coach Pisaroff –

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